Web Hosting With Nodejs and MongoDB

Nodejs and MongoDB Web Hosting

There are various methods of hosting Node and MongoDB applications: you can host them yourself using cheap VPS (Digital Ocean, Vultr, or AWS), in which case all deployment, configuration and administration must be handled manually; alternatively you could opt for managed platforms such as Heroku for Node or Compose for Mongo; in these instances all infrastructure and administration will be taken care of automatically for you.

MongoDB Atlas can also help manage, deploy, manage and heal database deployments on cloud providers automatically for you – providing a fully scaled Node/Mongo instance so you can focus on building out your app without worrying about scaling issues.

Once you are ready to create your application server, navigate to the Default stack and click Add Service. When adding NodeJS service, in the Name input enter app as its name; Label input select Add label option then Key and Value Inputs create rules like The host must have host label type=load balancer then after clicking Create two hosts will now run this new Node service.

NodeChef provides an ideal solution for monitoring apps once they are up and running, providing uptime metrics, alarm responses, alarm sets, auto scaling capabilities, real-time structured logs, response/connect latency information as well as slow query analyzer with index suggestions for automated background indexing.