Web Hosting Jamstack Websites

Jamstack Websites have revolutionized how websites and applications function by providing greater efficiencies, security, and scalability. Their powerful architecture combines JavaScript, frontend templating, CDNs to produce sites which load faster, are more secure, and can handle heavy traffic loads – find out how you can utilize this groundbreaking approach in your next project!

What Is JAMstack?

A JAMstack website uses static site generators to pre-generate highly optimized static HTML and CSS pages before being deployed to a CDN for instant delivery to users globally.

Advantages of taking this approach to dynamic web content creation include it being safer and sturdier than traditional dynamic website, since the burden is moved off of server onto browser, making maintenance simpler due to code being isolated from content and frontend elements as opposed to being tightly coupled like with monolithic CMS solutions.

Another advantage is that this architecture utilizes various open source tools and technologies with robust communities behind them to ensure the optimal development and deployment experience. By employing static site generators, leveraging a CDN, utilizing Git-based workflow, implementing frontend templating, and making use of APIs for dynamic data, developers can easily implement and manage a JAMstack website.